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RedTop 35: na ativa desde 1995!

The engine is a 11:1 compression Ford 351 Cleveland that has a large cam and many other high performance parts. There is a huge electrical draw on the system on these cars. There are two large engine cooling fans for the radiator and another large fan for the air conditioning condenser in the rear of the vehicle. I use a single wire 140 amp alternator to keep up with everything and have upgraded the fuse panel on the car with modern day ATO type fuses. This is also a mid engine car, so there is quite a distance from the battery (that is located in the front trunk) and the starter. The old style European ceramic fuses never allowed enough voltage through them to keep everything running correctly. That problem could not be good for a battery, but has now been corrected. This Optima only had a maintenance charger on it for about the last five years or so.

Attached is a photos of the Optima battery that has been in service in my Pantera since 1995. The battery will still start the car when it is cold, but when the engine heats up, it just won't quite turn it over. The Pantera is very hard to start when hot and when it is hot out here (Arizona), it is really hot.

When this car has been sitting around at about 60 degrees, which my garage was the other day, the car cranks over fine and starts. I would love to find out if this battery will still work in a conventional automobile. In a car with a small low compression engine, I bet that old Optima would still get the job done.

Jim Fusco

DeTomaso Pantera
Produzido de 1970 até 1991. Total 7.260 unidades
Motor: Ford Cleveland 315 in³ V8, central.
Compressão 11:1, 330HP /246kW / 335 PS (1971)
Vmax: 256km/h
0-100km/h em 5,6s
Design: Tom Tjaarda, Studio Ghia

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